The Samples and the Wendy Woo Band rocked it in Denver!

Review of the recent WWB show with The Samples.


The Samples and the Wendy Woo Band served up amazing performances Saturday night at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO. This fun venue hosted these popular local bands Saturday night, Jan. 21, 2017, and the audience soaked it all up. It was like hanging out with a bunch of friends in a comfortable living room with plenty of space and tasty drinks. There was a lot of joy in the house as the Wendy Woo Band got it all started with some bluesy rock, jazz, and heartfelt folk songs that got every toe tapping. Following that The Samples got fans on their feet jamming to their tunes like 25 years had never gone by. 

The night was filled with good music and good times. The Wendy Woo Band took the stage with energy and smiles. Wendy’s voice and enthusiasm charmed the audience as she switched between her gorgeous electric and acoustic guitars throughout the performance. The real treat was when she went unplugged with the acoustic guitar and turned her instrument into both strings and drums with a technique she calls “slaptap.” The violinist was also fabulous as she melded with Wendy’s guitar, along with treating everyone to some delicious hip hop. Jimmy Lane was back with the band for just that evening and played straight to the audience's hearts on the keys with a big smile on his face. Their song "On with the Show" really got the dance floor hopping. 

The energy at The Oriental took some serious steps up as the lights came on with The Samples on stage. The dance floor quickly filled up with fans ready to jam to the long time popular Boulder, CO band. Lead singer Sean Kelly sang with passion and fun. 25 years later the band’s sound was rich and true, and Sean Kelly sang with passion and fun. Their recent song “America” and the old favorite “Weight of the World” were definitely crowd pleasers, and of course their claim to fame “Did you Ever Look So Nice” sounded perfect. It was like 25 years have never gone by. Kelly had the video camera out and recorded the night’s joy throughout the performance. Halfway through the show, there was some very random entertainment when someone in shiny silver suit bounced and danced his way to the stage for his moment of glory. 

The Oriental Theater is a popular and very affordable venue that offers up some great entertainment from live music to comedy shows and private events. Check out the website to see what they have going on

Colleen Bennett