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Interested in having Wendy Woo at your next event?

Whether she’s performing solo acoustic, duo acoustic with Robin Hoch or with her full band, here is how to get in contact with her:

Wendy Woo
303-506-9999 (phone)

To read what people who have seen her live are saying, read up on the reviews below.


Read what people are saying…
“She is awesome. Wendy is truly one of the most talented performers I have ever experienced. She is the real deal. And will clearly go as far as she desires. It’s rare to witness such striking talent, as you know, and I thank you for sharing her.” Will Scheffer, Emmy-nominated and Cable Ace Award-winning screenwriter for HBO in Los Angeles, October 16, 2003

“I was blown away by you. You are an incredible musician and a great singer… You are truly a star and a true artist which is a rare combination… I am completely convinced that you deserve to have a major label deal.” Bruce Burch, Creative Director for EMI Music Publishing, Nashville, July 23, 2003

“I’ve hosted the Bluebird Cafe’s Sunday writer’s night for 14 years. When I heard Wendy Woo for the first time, I knew I had probably witnessed the most unique performer ever to grace our Sunday night stage. Her voice has many colors, her guitar playing is incredible, and her presence is beyond captivating. I truly believe I caught a glimpse of someone the whole world will know someday.” Jeff Pearson, Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN, July 20, 2003

“Accomplished and beloved musician and singer-songwriter Wendy Woo has a special place in Boulder’s collective heart…. Anyone who has witnessed one of her performances knows what it’s like to have a little taste of heaven.” Colorado Daily

“Wendy Woo is a musical superhero…” Lesley Kennedy, Rocky Mountain News, September 5, 2002

”… fabulous on stage. Wild woman/child exuding sensuality and intelligence. Awesome.” Karen Gerrity, Executive Director for Boulder Dairy Center for the Arts, January 13, 2004

”… her stage presence really stands out and she exudes a free-spirited sexuality that captivates both her male and female fans. Acoustic or electric, solo or with her band, Woo clearly loves what she is doing. And when the audience responds with cheers and by chanting, “Woo! Woo! Woo!” she cranks it up yet another notch. Connecting with her audiences is one of her many strengths.” Suzanne Lainson,

“She’s so genuine; there’s an intensity of emotion… She has such a knack for putting songs together… She has established herself as a premier rock and folk performer…” Sunday Denver Post, December 9, 2001

“Wendy Woo is a one-woman musical machine. ... The guitarist’s music is chock full of varying styles, ranging from ballads to Latin beats and rock ‘n’ roll, with swingy saxophones accompanying her smooth voice.” Jen Mulson, The Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, July 21, 2001

“The performance was definitely in the female blues/rocker tradition, but without the substance abuse overtones. (Or to put in another way, had Janis Joplin grown up in Boulder rather than Port Arthur, Texas, she might have sounded like Wendy.)” Suzanne Lainson, The Cyber Scene

“Powerful singer Wendy Woo, who self-started her own career with an amazing voice, a unique style of folk tunes and Latin groove mixtures, is coming to Cafe Tomo.” Jenna Daniels, The Lumberjack, January 19, 2000

“Woo is one of the area’s most popular performers. Her blend of blues, funk and acoustic music, and her waif-like voice have won her a strong following of local fans…” Wendy Kale, Colorado Daily, June 15, 2001

“Wendy Woo has been an emerging force in Boulder…” FEMMUSIC, February 1999

“Woo is a quadruple threat: She sings, plays, writes and produces with skill and taste. Her songs are earnest without being maudlin, her settings are rich but not obtrusive, and her vocals exude a sensuality that’s unexpectedly subtle.” Michael Roberts, Westword

“Wendy Woo’s silky vocals and sultry style are surpassed only by her smooth songwriting. Woo crafts tunes heavy on danceability, rhythm and a jazzy nightclub feel. Her voice is a delicate instrument that trades fireworks and flash for subtlety, mood and song interpretation. She and her band’s tunes run from light funk to Louisiana grooves and Caribbean vibes.” Denver CitySearch

“Her voice, which ranges from a sultry purr to a sexy growl, is outstanding, and her guitar work is even more impressive. She delivers her folk material with subtlety and tasteful restraint, but she’s equally adept at rocking out.” Joshua Green, Westword

Album Reviews…

“The band’s latest recording, and especially Woo’s vocals, might evoke comparisons to… Natalie Merchant.” Jack Clifford, Oregon Daily Emerald, January 20, 2000

“Wendy is a local Boulder diva and is just getting better and better every time I see her! And she is a great business woman. She successfully organizes the Women From Mars shows that I play and all the while keeping her own band touring and recording. I LOVE her album called Wide Awake and Dreaming.” Liza Oxnard, Zuba

“Wendy Woo is the master of her own domain. On Angels in the Crowd, her strong 1997 CD, she is listed as singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer, and for all we know, she swept up the studio after she was done, too. But none of that would matter if she wasn’t good at what she does. Fortunately for us, she is. Woo may not be an angel, but she sure sounds like one.” Best of Denver, Westword

“Eclolalia… is the kind of album that comes from a true place, a repository of pain, longing and love that provides a source for moving art… Ecolalia is a lovely, meditative album where poetry and music intermingle effortlessly.” Laura Bond, Westword, January 10, 2002

“Top 10 CDs of 2001… Pop/rock: Colorado bands… Bataan Faigao and Wendy Woo: Ecolalia (SkyTrail)… Heartbreaking father-daughter spoken-word project intertwines Faigaos’ poetry with Woo’s music and singing. Inspired by Jane Faigao, Woo’s mother and Faigaos’ wife, who died of breast cancer.” John Moore, Sunday Denver Post, December 30, 2001

“Ecolalia … It’s an atmospheric, acoustic record that skillfully combines Woo’s tender tunes with Faigao’s affecting words…” Greg Glasgow, Boulder Daily Camera, June 15, 2001

“…a new album showcases Woo’s considerable strengths as a songwriter, singer and bandleader. Wide Awake and Dreaming (Sky Trail), out this month, bristles with poignant, appealing songs performed in a hip-shaking folk style that suggests Natalie Merchant crossed with Sade.” Mark Harden, The Denver Post, September 17, 1999

“As for Luxury, her new CD is everything you would expect from one of Colorado’s favorite singer/songwriters. Woo blazes her own path in music and Luxury fits well in that special genre of music we call WOO. Decidedly darker than her last CD, Angels Laughing, Luxury is rich powerful and – while many of the songs deal with serious issues – rendered with Woo’s characteristic heartwarming style. With six independently released CDs since 1997 and a large following of loyal fans, Woo is one of Colorado’s treasures and is long overdue for some serious national attention. ”

“Change is good. Change is growth. Over the course of her six-CD solo recording career, Wendy Woo has always made excellent music and never had two albums that were alike. She continues that tradition with the release of Luxury (WooMusic Records). Credited as the debut of The Wendy Woo Trio, it’s practically the coming out party for drummer Chris Maestas. Long regarded as one of Denver’s finest percussionists, Chris debuts his considerable composition skills co-writing seven tracks with Wendy. He also produced the project, plays guitar on “Knowledge,” and sings backup with bassist/keyboardist Mitch DeZwarte on “I Don’t Know.” The result is edgier, sometimes darker sound than anything Wendy has recorded before, especially on the bookend songs “Knowledge” and “Crisis.” Two songs are reprised from her last solo acoustic album Angels Laughing: where “Addicted to You” comes even more alive with the full band arrangement, little is really added to “Afraid of the Dark.” Lyrically, the songs touch on everything from current events to relationships. Every cut is strong, and radio should jump on “I Don’t Know,” “Out of My Head Over You,” “Heat,” “Roll with the Punches,” Mitch’s composition “Gone,” and a song I’ve always considered one of Wendy Woo’s greatest hits in concert: “Addicted to You.” Highly Recommended.” J.R. Wolfe, Colorado Music Buzz, March 23, 2007

“Denver DIY queen Wendy Woo is hardworking and prolific; Luxury, whose release is being celebrated on Friday, March 23, at a Fox Theatre party opened by the Chris Webb Band, is Woo’s seventh CD since 1997. This time, however, the disc is credited to the Wendy Woo Trio as a way of marking the contributions of bassist Mitch DeZwarte and drummer Chris Maestas. That’s appropriate, since the recording’s best moments are those in which the players inject some toughness into their employer’s familiar sound.
There’s nothing particularly wrong with “Out of My Head Over You” or “Afraid of the Dark”; Woo has cut plenty of tunes like this before, and she’ll do so again. More interesting, though, are “Knowledge,” which sports a dramatic arrangement and impassioned vocals; “Luxury,” featuring memorable call-and-response background singing and a strong guitar solo; and “I Don’t Know,” a reggae rocker marked by something resembling edginess.
That’s the power of three.” Michael Roberts, Westword, March 21, 2007

“Very sophisticated, her best effort to date.” Paul Nordhous,

“Luxury is an incredible CD. We love every song on it and we definitely recommend it to everyone.” Charles, Laura and Jordyn,